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The Quest of QuestBoard

A Green Journey that started with the idea of Creative Personal Development


QuestBoard was founded in 2018 by a Brooklyn native looking for a new hobby for creative exploration without the waste or clutter usually associated with art.  Adult coloring books were too constrictive for working through deeper emotional work and ultimately resulted in waste.  That's when QuestBoard was born, a high quality paperless art set that is minimal in design with ultimate creative freedom.

Though personal development and creativity was the initial niche for which it was created, QuestBoard has an array of uses for children.  Parents have appreciated having a creative outlet that is quiet and easy to clean.  QuestBoard also assists in learning new educational concepts, expressing emotions or taking a long needed break from technology. Educators have mentioned their students are more engaged and encouraged while learning new material due to the bright colors that help students retain ideas.  The ability to easily wipe away mistakes helps alleviate anxiety in students who "are just not getting it."

QuestBoard is the perfect companion for Art Therapy. Whether clients require remote sessions or coping strategies between sessions, most people don't want the hassle of storing endless art supplies.

You can use QuestBoard to entertain yourself on long trips, play games with others, write inspirational affirmations or doodle. Let kids have free play or make education a little more fun! For adults, it's totally up to you how fun and/or introspective you choose to be.

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