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"When you know there is more to the world than what you've been living.... It's time to turn your energetic lead into gold"                          - Taina, Founder of Modern Alchemix

Like all things alchemy, the creation of Modern Alchemix started long ago, with a Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn native knowing there was more than what she saw around her....

 The journey was long and tumultuous. She wandered lost, dissatisfied with the world and her place within it. As a pansexual Afro-Latina, she never really fit in anywhere. And yet, she appeared to fit in everywhere. She felt like an imposter. This was the catalyst of anxiety and depression that lasted most of her life. The spiritual gifts she had inherited had no value in the modern world, so it seemed. Through much healing (including the ceremonial use of psilocybin), she realized her difficult experiences prepared her to help others heal as they find their path while moving to the beat of their own drum. Allow Modern Alchemix to assist you in transforming your energetic lead to gold.

The world is going through a huge shift, causing a lot of pain to the masses as their souls awaken. You can no longer ignore the call from deep within. You crave unconditional self love: accepting and honoring all parts of yourself, even the shadow parts... but howLet Modern Alchemix support that process by providing healing through a combination of spiritual energy work with traditional coaching, strengthening your inner light warrior.

Modern Alchemix is a certified Master Coach in health & wellness, Level II Reiki Practitioner and trained in Crystal & Sound Healing. She has served as a psychedelic facilitator for harm reduction since 2018 and received certification from Psychedelics Today (Navigating Psychedelics for Clinicians, Therapists & Coaches).

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