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Zero Paper Waste

Sleek & Durable Tempered Glass Board

No Toxic Chemicals

Water-Based Liquid Chalk Markers

Endless Possibility

Creativity while Building a Better Brain


what are people saying about QuestBoard?

5 Stars!

"Though I bought QuestBoard for my personal use, I quickly realized my clients would also benefit.  I see QuestBoard peeking the curiosity of any person... whether for therapeutic, creative or educational purposes, just to name a few."

-  Marianne Gunther

Art Psychotherapist & Founder, Listening Art New York

Learning Tool

"As an educator, I've found QuestBoard to be a wonderful tool to demonstrate mathematical problems in a way that is very engaging for students.  Using different colors to represent each stage of the equation helps the children to keep track of the problem solving process.  Math curriculums are using more visual models to teach concepts such as adding fractions, so color coding is a great way t offer additional support to learners who are struggling. And of course, my pupils love using the brightly colored liquid chalk pens!"

-  L.M. Teamer

Brooklyn, NY Teacher & Tutor

Intentions & More...

"I really like this art board! I want to create my temporary dream boards and intention setting without using up all my paper supplies. This is a great product for my temporary ideas flashing about. The set comes with so many colors and the quality of the pens are smooth! My husband was also diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and is relearning how to write more efficiently again and this board is helping him with his fine motor skills too! I can see how this can also be translated into a learning board if kids want to learn how to write too! I am very pleased with this product."

- Humaira Zakaria

New York City Teacher

Get in Touch

Think QuestBoard is the perfect addition to your school or organization? QuestBoard is NYC MWBE Certified! Reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

30 Broad Street
New York, NY 10004

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Hey, you're going to have questions, let us help you out!

How do I store my QuestBoard?

Line up the board horizontally with the canvas bag. Place one corner in the bag, about 1/2" should do. Slightly pull the other end of the bag over the other corner.  Then place markers and travel eraser in the bag. Zip up and you're ready to go!

How do I clean QuestBoard?

You have a few options for cleaning your drawing board: rinse in the sink, place in the dishwasher or use the travel eraser when on the go!

How do I clean the QuestBoard Bag & Travel Eraser?

You can rinse the travel eraser in the sink with lukewarm water and soap of your choice.

The canvas bag can be washed with soap and lukewarm water, and then air dry in a well ventilated area to avoid the dreaded mildew smell (no one wants that).

Isn't QuestBoard kind of Expensive?

Depending on your budget, it may seem that way. However, if sold separately the QuestBoard art set would retail to over $70USD ($29.99 for 32 liquid chalk marker pens, $22.99 for the 9"x12" tempered glass board, $3.99 for the travel eraser and $16.99 for the lined and embroidered carrying case).  So we think our QuestBoard tribe is getting quite the bang for their well earned buck!

Some of my markers look runny because I don't use them too often, have they gone bad?

Not at all, the chalk solution has just separated a little.  Nothing to worry about, it's just science! Just shake the marker and everything should mix right up, good as new!

Is it just me or are the metallic colors harder to get off?

You noticed that too huh? It's the only drawback of the awesome metallic markers.  We recommend using a soapy sponge or rag to wipe away the stubborn colors. The travel eraser can get pretty beat up if you try to erase the magical metallics.

Help! Some of my markers have dried up...

No worries, remove the tip of the marker and soak in a few ounces of  warm water (a drinking glass or mug).  About 20 minutes should do. Don't forget to place the marker upright with the cap on to prevent unwanted spills (*tip: place the marker in the same drinking glass as the tip you are soaking so there's no risk of it tipping over)

Will you be making the bag bigger in the future?

We love our customers, including their honest feedback.  We hear you!  Future revisions of QuestBoard will include a roomier bag.

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